A Fractured Feeling

fractured feeling graffic“A brave experimental venture presented by skilled theatre practitioners … very enlightening, laudable and well worth seeing.”
ADVERTISER 23/3/2007

Presented at Adelaide Fringe Festival, 2007.

A Fractured Feeling” is an exploration of a young woman living with Dissociative Identity disorder, (Multiple Personalities Disorder . throughout the production we are given a window into her psychological landscape and are introduced to her “alter” personalities. We meet rebellious teenager Jodie, Sweet young “charlotte” and silent child soldier “Kevin”.As the story unfolds we see how her condition plays out in her every day relationships with her friends and family.

“A Fractured Feeling” was created through workshops with 5 actors, my self and a dramaturg. The piece was developed in consultation with suffers of the condition, their carers and a therapists.

Sean Mulcahy
Sean Mulcahy as “Kevin”